More Lync Meeting testing

Just ran a mostly successful Lync 2013 meeting with folks that do quite a bit of video/teleconferencing already.

Some observations on how the meeting went:

  • 1 participant joined via phone
  • 1 via Windows 7, firefox and the web client, no problems
  • 1 via OS-X, firefox and the web client, no problems
  • 1 joined via Win8, 64bit and office 2013. Client would freeze when starting. Luckily there was a backup computer with similar specifications that did work
  • 1 Win 7, office 2013 Lync client. Client would periodically slow down, audio/video stuttering, CPU load spiking at 100% (4 core, 8g ram!) then freeze. After 30s client would wake up and continue working with no problem.

Overall quality was significantly better than Adobe Connect, however the client issues were very disappointing. Hopefully they were one-off errors, however my hopes are fading that 2013 is a viable Adobe Connect replacement.