Building a (Relatively) Affordable Conference Room

(Hardware updated 10/2016)

Our standard Adobe Connect, Skype and Lync compatible conference configuration is designed to provide skype-quality audio and video in and out of a conference room. While a more advanced, high end system would be nice, the types of hardware/software that our ever changing endpoints make that prohibitively expensive. Instead, we rely on most current software’s ability to provide decent full duplex built-in echo cancellation. Flash, Skype and Lync all do this pretty well, we’ve had some difficulty with Webex and early releases of Google Hangouts.

Our goal is to provide complete audio coverage for any participant sitting at a table in our conference room. As our meetings tend to be mostly round-table style discussion a rule of one microphone for every two people allows us to pick up normal conversation-level speech.

Our requirements are that we allow remote participants virtually join meeting in conference rooms ranging in size from 8 through 24 people. Realistically for groups larger than 16-18 the logistics of ensuring that remote participants are fully included in a meeting starts to break down. Distance to TV, etc start to have an detrimental effect on the ability of remote participants to be heavily engaged in a meeting.




Misc Parts:

  • Velcro straps and carpet cover
  • Under-table clips for microphone cables
  • wire wrap

Total Cost (no PC): ~$3,000 $3,700 (8 person) – $5,150 $5,850(24 person)